3 Ways To Eat Better and Spend Less Money

Eating the right food is important to your health and has many benefits. Why does it have to cost so much? There are ways to eat healthier and spend less money. It is easier than you think.

In this day and age the media has us convinced that eating healthy is more expensive, but in reality it isn’t. If you go organic – that might be more expensive, but eating right isn’t.

Below you’ll learn why eating less is not more expensive.

1.  Eat More Fruits and Vegetables and Less Junk Food

One of the biggest obstacles you have to overcome is your own way of thinking. Take a bag of chips for example. Howeat less junk much do they cost? Not very much, right? On average about $4. Chips are unhealthy. They have tons of fat and don’t fill you up. Plus you could probably eat them in one sitting.

However, if you take that same $4 and pick up a bag of carrots (for the crunch) and an apple or two you are eating healthy for less than that bag of chips. You’ll get protein that your body needs and some fiber thrown in for good measure.

You don’t have to buy a bag of apples – just one or two. Eating healthy is actually a lot less expensive than you think.

For most people they could take all the money they spend on junk food and have a weekly amount of fruits and vegetables instead. If you’re not ready to do that, take half of it.

2.  Eat More Whole Grains

eat whole grainsInstead of buying refined grains (white bread, white rice, regular pasta, tortillas) buy products that have whole wheat in them. You need three servings a day and most people don’t even get one.

Whole wheat will help fill you up and therefore you’ll eat less food. It might be more expensive to purchase the same amount as refined, but the results are completely different. You’ll eat more of the refined than you would the whole wheat.

Plus the health benefits of eating whole wheat outweigh the refined. You’ll have reduced risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

3. Drink Water Instead of Other Options

Another way to spend less is to drink more water. Either buy a case of individual bottles and take them with you or love waterbuy a purified water pitcher. If you are drinking more water you are doing wonders for your body.

Hydrating it so your organs don’t lack the water they need to function properly. You’ll also be getting rid of all the toxics you eat and drink.

Eliminate some of the energy drinks, soft drinks and sugary drinks that you are now consuming. Depending on how much you drink and how often – this could be a significant amount of money to add to your healthy eating fund.

Eating better doesn’t have to be expensive. You can spend less than you think and have a better diet. Slowly start substituting current unhealthy habits and you’ll be able to buy more healthy options. Another way to get a little relief in the pocket book is to coupon, follow what is on sale and participate in your local stores loyalty programs. Find a way, it is important.