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10 Steps to Successful Canning

This “Old-Fashioned” way of preserving food is something that I’ve had on my list of Things I Wish I Knew How To Do for years and now my friend, Susanne – The Hillbilly Housewife, has created the perfect resource just for me.  OK, maybe not for me specifically, but certainly for people just like me […]

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Back to School: Saving Money on Supplies

Some practical advice for saving on back to school supplies from our friends over at Save Money on School Supplies by Jill Cooper I walked into Wal-Mart today and saw her standing there: a mom. She had two children sitting in her shopping cart, one walking beside it and another clinging to her […]

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Holiday Entertaining on a Budget with ALDI

  Shopping at ALDI is a given in our house. (If you haven’t shopped at ALDI before make sure you bring a quarter for the shopping cart and your own bags for your purchases) I make the shopping list. I visit ALDI to purchase the items on my list that are available there (you can’t […]

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Smart, Frugal And Tasty: Preserving Your Food

There are so many ways to preserve food for future use that are easy and cheap. Whether you shop at the grocery store for great loss leader deals, grab a bushel of something at the local farmer’s market or pick your own berries from the backyard, you can stretch that savings and make it last […]

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Frugal Moms Know How To Get Fit Without A Gym Membership

Perhaps you have always belonged to a gym and, although it’s way beyond your budget right now, you continue to pay the membership fees because you need to exercise someplace where you have a commitment and encouragement.  You’re not alone.  Many of us need an exercise program mapped out for us, with all the equipment […]

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