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Are You Ready To Reconnect With Your Family?

Bridge the Gap Between You & Your Kids With Meaningful Family Dinner Conversations

I’ve read that kids who regularly eat meals with their parents are both happier and healthier. But with today’s busy world, two working parents (most of the time) and busy, busy, busy schedules, who has time to not only plan a nutritious meal but actually take an extra 30 minutes to sit down and try to enjoy it….Good Luck.

The fact remains that not only is it important that we make time for our family,

it’s downright VITAL that we spend quality time together as often as possible so that everyone is happy & healthy.

30 Days of Family Dinner Conversations

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

Because dinnertime together is so very important to our well-being, our very own Amy Bleser has created 30 Days of Family Dinner Conversation cards that you can download and keep as dinner conversation starters.

Once you develop the habit of having dinner together and talking about your day with the prompts provided, you’ll have no problem continuing the practice.

The best part?¬† You’re teaching your children how to interact with other people and giving them a tradition to pass down to their own family.

After all, our very smart, intuitive children learn best by modeled behavior and if all you ever do it eat dinner in front of the television then what exactly are you teaching your kids?

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